Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechauns tried to steal my change!

Awhile back Jen really wanted to get a Wii. We weren't sure we should be buying a Wii right now for several reasons, but then I had this brilliant idea. I told her that if there was a significant amount of change our big change bottle, that we could take it to the bank, put it in our account and buy a Wii. So one day we sat on the bed and counted change for hours. It ended up that we had almost $200! Not enough for a Wii...but enough to make us feel ok about buying a Wii. However, it was Sunday and the bank was closed. So we bought the Wii anyways with the intent of taking the change to the bank on Monday. Well, that was a couple weeks ago! (I'm a little bit of a procrastinator.) So today, since I'm on Spring Break, I decided to take the change to the bank.

I pulled into the parking lot, hopped out of my car, and grabbed the gallon sized baggie that held $200 of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. (This is when the lephrechauns tried to steal it!) The baggie burst open and $200 of change flew all over the parking lot!!!! It took awhile, but I scooped it all up, took it into the bank, and was glad to be rid of it. Next time we have to take $200 of change to the bank....I'm making Jen do it!!


Amberae said...

crazy green men, that's what i say...

btw, no i didn't have a pattern... so i guess that means i'm just totally awesome.


Bobby said...

Ha ha funny story. We just got a Wii as well. I'll email you our code so we can play online.

Marissa and Aaron said...

Wow - you get a Wii as soon as I leave. I want one SOO badly!

HOLLYM said...

Ahh yes the bank leprechans... I foolishly allowed my 2yr old to walk through the bank parking lot w/ a plastic piggy bank full of change... in the rain - of course she dropped it right in traffic- luckily a lovelyn friendly women helped us pick it all up and the bank teller gave Katelyn a new plastic bank :)