Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year's Christmas!

We are in Lincoln, Nebraska celebrating our 3rd Christmas of the year with the Hansen side of the family this time! More presents...yay! Our 4-year-old nephew Gabe was pretty upset that his Marley-like dog wagged her tail so hard that she ripped a hole in Gabe's present before it was time to unwrap gifts. After unwrapping gifts, Kara played pirates and ninja turtles (who are mortal enemies in case you didn't know) for approximately 5 hours straight!!! I've always told Jen that I didn't know how to play with boy toys...but now I'm an expert! :) Our 6-month-old niece didn't get into the presents as much as the wrapping paper and ribbons...AND she is all smiles all the time! So cute.

Jen took pictures with her new we'll have to post those later!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Here's hoping our baby finds us in 2009!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is almost here.

Well, Christmas is almost here. It's hard to believe that Christmas is only 3 days away. Kara and I are both keeping busy. Kara's been working at A Touch of Country this holiday season and still really enjoys it. Although, she seems to think she should get a foot rub when she gets home. Somehow she always forgets that I think feet are gross!! I've been hanging out at home recooperating from bronchitis and enjoying my Christmas break from school. I've made a tree skirt (well, it's halfway done but it is under the tree) and I'm almost done making myself a scarf. Next I need to do the quilting on a baby quilt...hmm, do you think I can get it done for Christmas?

Kara and I are spending our first Christmas together in Laramie this year. We will miss our families, but at the same time we are very excited to stay home on Christmas day and not having to worry about the weather as we travel. Time for new traditions. On Christmas Eve we are going to spend the day making candies and cookies. Hopefully it all turns out okay.

We love and miss all of you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adoption Website Update!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. We were in Iowa for Thanksgiving, and December is just so crazy and busy...

Anyway...Over Thanksgiving break, we got lots of great pictures of some of our favorite little munchkins: Carter, Clay, Aiden, and Kallie. So...we decided to update our adoption website. Check it out at (or use the link to the left).