Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enjoying Some Time Off

Jen is officially done with her graduate assistant position at the University of Wyoming and is enjoying some much needed time off. She's trying to stick to a routine though in order to manage her headaches and it's working out okay so far. The last week has been rough, but overall the past two months have shown so much progress it is unbelievable. She would definitely recommend The Diamond Headache Clinic to anyone who suffers from migraines.

Jen is also waiting to hear back about the interview she had last Tuesday. She could hear anytime between now and the 29th of May. The wait is starting to get on her nerves, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. This potential job is nearly the "ideal" job that she could wish for. Pretty cool to have the opportunity to have your "almost" dream job and only be 30 (well almost 30).

Kara is counting down the days at school. She's down to single digits with the kids, June 3rd is the last day they come. Then Kara is done with school on June 5th. Yippee!!!! We can't wait to get to spend more time together and to go up into the mountains.

That's all for today. Hope everyone out there is doing great.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not much to report...

Hello all.
There is not much to report on around here, but I felt like I should update the blog.

Kara only has 20 days of school left and then she will be free for the summer. Jen has a job interview on Tuesday at the send positive thoughts, prayers, and energy her way.

We are still waiting for a potential birthmother to contact us. We are so excited to start our family, but the wait is getting long!!! Kara is sad that she won't have a little one to spend her summer with...but you never know... So keep spreading the word: Jen and Kara Want to Adopt! If you know of anyone who is making an adoption plan, please send them to our website at

By the way, we are re-doing our birthmother letter so if anyone has anything NICE to say about us and what great parents we'd be...please post. We might just pick your comment to put in our letter. :)