Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jen's Aunts Visited

Aunt Louise, Kara, and Aunt Lori

Rocky Mountain National Park

The second weekend of June was filled with the visit of Jen's two aunts, Lori & Louise. They were a riot and it was great having them out here to visit. It was a quick visit, but we packed it as full as possible so that it would be memorable. The first day we went down to Rocky Mountain National Park and then the next day we went to Vedauwoo just East of Laramie.

Lori has been out here a few times, but never got to see the Bighorn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park. This time she finally got to see them, well their butts at least. She practically stole some guys binoculars so that she could see them way up the mountain. Oh well, at least she got to see them. It was kinda like a kid in a candy store!

Louise had never been out to visit us or the area. She was just amazed and couldn't stop taking pictures. She even took a picture of the back seat, okay probably not on purpose but it sure was funny. Louise kept all of us laughing the whole weekend. I think she enjoyed Vedauwoo the most, she got to look at the rocks and use her imagination to see the shapes they made. I can't even make a list she "saw" so many things in those rocks.

It was a great weekend and they are both invited back any time. Below are some pictures from the weekend. Oh, we even saw a porcupine and watched it climb a tree! Craziness.

Yellow Bellied Marmot playing peek-a-boo.

Jen's favorite place on earth.

Reflection in Bear Lake

It's been a long time

Well, it has been a long time since Kara or I have updated this blog. So, briefly here is what has been going on. Stay tuned for pictures, lots of them....

1. Two of Jen's aunts came out to visit for a weekend and we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and Vedauwoo

2. Jen's niece had her first birthday. Then the grandparents came to Wyoming and we went to Buffalo, Cody, and Yellowstone. It was a good time with lots of good pictures to come.

3. We celebrated our 9th anniversary on July 7th.

4. Kara is currently on vacation with her mom and new stepdad, David. Guess where? Yellowstone, that's right. Kara is there for the second time in 3 weeks and the third time in a year.

5. Kara and her family will proceed to Logan, UT to see her sister, brother-in-law, and cute little nephew Clay for a few days before they come home to Laramie.

6. Just today Jen did her fisrt interview for her dissertation. What a relief to finally be proceeding and get the first one out of the way.

7. Kara and her family have seen 3 bears in Yellowstone already!